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      CoinJoin is a typeface of anonymous transaction that helps Bitcoin users keep going their monasticism while sending Bitcoin. CoinJoin is a multiparty “Bitcoin mixing” annals at the d‚nouement of which it is unclear who owns which coin.
      Esteem the following transactions made at the identical time: A purchases an component from B, C purchases an matter from D, and E purchases an item from F. Without CoinJoin, the civil blockchain ledger would record three break to pieces transactions by reason of each input-output match.
      With CoinJoin, exclusively [url=]bitcoin mixer[/url] one put deal is recorded. The ledger would show that Bitcoins were paid from A, C, and E addresses to B, D, and F. By masking the deals мейд on all parties, an viewer cannot with complete confidence discover who sent Bitcoins to whom.
      While some into that CoinJoin is a modish technology, this is not valid. CoinJoin is purely an advancement on already existing technology – Bitcoin. And Bitcoin mixers bring CoinJoin technology to users.

    در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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